College Kids in New Jersey? Avoid Legal Trouble

Posted by: James B. Dudley on Monday, July 29, 2019

There are hundreds of thousands of college kids attending school in New Jersey.  Currently, New Jersey has over 60 accredited colleges and universities. Some are well-known like Rutgers University, Seton Hall University, Monmouth University and Princeton University.  On the other hand, some may not be as known including Rider University, The College of New Jersey and Rowan University. Therefore, many parents and their children consider New Jersey to be an ideal state to pursue higher education. With so many students, the odds of legal trouble are great. A student’s time in college is not immune from the laws and regulations that govern life in New Jersey. For students, it will be important to have access to experienced lawyers when trouble arises.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

For example, some college students obtain identification documents that misstate the student’s true age. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the use of fake IDs, serious legal issues can arise.  Under New Jersey law, “ A person who knowingly exhibits, displays or utters a document or other writing which falsely purports to be a driver's license, birth certificate or other document issued by a governmental agency and which could be used as a means of verifying a person's identity or age or any other personal identifying information is guilty of a crime of the third degree.”

Another example of a law directly effecting college students would be New Jersey’s Hazing and Aggravated Hazing statute.  Students seeking to participate in a college fraternity or sorority need to be mindful of that law. There have been plenty of high profile cases regarding hazing.  The consequences for the accused are severe.

The above two examples are just two of the many ways college kids can get in a jam.  The attorneys at Wiley Lavender, P.C. can provide the required services that parents seeking legal representation for their college student.  For more information contact me at