Landlord/Tenant Disputes

The landlord-tenant relationship is defined by leases along with complex laws and regulations, all of which have been shaped by centuries of ill-will, disappointment, nonperformance, exploitation and double-dealing. Not surprisingly, relationships that started out to be mutually beneficial can turn adversarial. That's when an attorney is needed to make sure your rights are upheld. Our attorneys have extensive experience in resolving landlord-tenant disputes, both commercial and residential. We have dealt with habitability issues, nonpayment of rent, evictions, violations of leases and many other problems.

When possible, we can put a landlord-tenant relationship back on track swiftly and economically with nothing more than a stern letter or with skillful out-of-court negotiations.

But we are not afraid to take it to court when that's what is needed. And because we have represented both landlords and renters, we know all the strategies and how to use them or counter them to obtain justice